2016 Best Practices for Youth Conference

Workshop B

Engagement is the Key to Connection

Speaker Bio

Seth Kelley brings sixteen years of experience in the non-profit and education fields. He began his career in teaching, working with children experiencing developmental and behavioral issues. Seth’s education experience included working mainly with children with challenging behaviors in a variety of settings, including a Native Alaskan village, Akiak , AK, and an inner city middle school, Aurora Hills Middle School, Aurora, CO. 

In 2003 Seth and his wife moved to Akiak, a small Yupiik Village in Alaska where they worked as teachers. Seth also began his work with non profits in Alaska, founding the Akiak Boys & Girls Club. His passion for working with youth especially those experiencing developmental issues led Seth to serve as Executive Director of FOCUS in Eagle River, Alaska. FOCUS serves young adults and infants who have developmental disabilities by providing positive programs, therapy and family support. Currently, Seth is in his second year as the Executive Director of BASE Camp in Fort Collins, a before and after school program serving over 3000 youth in the Poudre School District.

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3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific

Workshop Description

Two years ago BASE Camp had a morale issue. As the new Executive Director it was Seth Kelley's job to find a creative avenue to address this issue. The process they employed was a milestone in how an organization of over 25 years did business. Seth will open up his process and materials to show how he made this change. 

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