2016 Best Practices for Youth Conference

Workshop B

Leadership in Times of Crisis: Effective Mindfulness When Working with Stressed-out Youth and Staff

Speaker Bio

Christian Kelley has worked in many different settings of Human Services, serving at-risk youth and adults for over 15 years. Christian has a decade of experience in program management and has seen just about any type of crisis you can imagine. Christian currently works for the Robert F. Kennedy Children's Action Corps. where he serves as Assistant Director for the Stabilization, Assessment, and Rapid Reintegration program for at-risk youth, a short-term diagnostic program ran under contract with the Massachusetts Department of Children and Families.

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3pm Eastern, 12pm Pacific

Workshop Description

When working with children, it is easy to get caught up in the chaos of a crisis. When we, as human beings, lose control of our focus and give in to panic, we are prone to make mistakes in judgment and, often, make more work for ourselves. Christian will share some ideas as to how, as leaders, can use mindfulness in the moment of crisis and post-crisis to get a clear vision of our options, make judgments with sound logic, and be a leader for our staff and our youth.

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